Fully Automated Basket Loading System

Automatic basket loading is available in traditional sweep type machines, or it can be done by robotic systems. Speak to us to discuss the options and determine the method most suited to your requirements.

- Automated operation
- Reliable
- Small footprint

Semi-Automatic Basket Loading System

HG Molenaar are able to assist in customising your operation to suit your requirements. We can offer solutions ranging from semi-automatic mechanised basket loading, to fully automatic robotic handling systems. Semi-automatic systems are often chosen whilst still using manual retort loading, and offer a means to mechanise a repetitive part of the operation.

- Simplified operations
- Reduced container damage & product losses
- Can be automated at a later date

Shuttle Loading System

We offer fully automatic Retort loading solutions; which includes door mechanisation, automatic shuttles, retort loading & unloading.

- Labour saving
- Safe
- Reliable
- Product security

Additional Modules

Paperless option which allows for exporting process data onto a USB flash drive or WiFi.
Circular Paper Chart recorder option.

Our basket tracking system keeps track of baskets throughout the retorting process. From loading into the retort, up to unloading with relevant Quality Control information.