Saturated steam is an excellent medium for sterilising, since condensing steam results in rapid heat transfer. Venting of the retort is done to remove air, which results in an even heat distribution and quick come-up times. Steam, as a processing medium, is ideal for metal cans: both tinplate and aluminium.


Water spray retorts use nozzles to spray a mixture of steam and water onto the packages to transfer the heat. By using specially designed trays and strategically placed nozzles MOLENAAR retorts achieve excellent temperature distribution & exceptional heat transfer throughout the Retorts.
Water Spray Retorts use less water, and are very efficient in steam consumption. Dynamic over-pressure control continuously adjusts the over pressure, making Water spray retorts suitable for glass containers, plastic bottles, plastic cups, pouches and punnets.

Full Immersion

Products susceptible to damage can be immersed in water, and are processed under a carefully controlled pressure profile. Water also provides an excellent heat transfer medium. The process is therefore suitable for glass jars and bottles, flexible pouches, semi-rigid punnets and soft packaging e.g.
Polypropylene (PP) and HDPE bottles. Water immersion with rotation is recommended for products where the colours and flavours are heat sensitive such as milk-based drinks. Water immersion is highly energy efficient by recovering the superheated hot water for use in the next cycle.