HGM Palletizing

H.G. Molenaar has been supplying palletizers to both the food and beverage industries for over fifty years.

Molenaar Magnetic Palletizer:

A magnetic palletizer Palletizer / De-Palletizer is utilized for palletizing full metal cans or glass jars with metal lids. The layer to be palletized is formed on an accumulation table with the assistance of a forming bar. A permanent magnet with stripper plate lifts the complete layer and transfers this to the pallet.

Several customized layouts are possible with addition of automatic pallet conveyors, platforms and other functional options.

Conventional Molenaar Compact Tray Palletizer:

Our compact palletizer is ideal where factory floor space is limited. An empty pallet de-stacker and layerpad placer are integrated into the palletizer frame.

Packed product in carton trays or boxes can be palletized on any type of pallet. Pack patterns are designed to ensure a stable palletized stack.

Robotic palletizing:

H.G. Molenaar also uses the latest robotic palletizing technology. The versatility of the 4-axis robot arms in combination with highly effective gripper heads provides for a low maintenance solution for palletizing.

Depending on the speed requirement, the gripper head can, in addition to transferring the container layer, also be used to transfer the layerpad and empty pallet. In other words it can replace the automatic layerpad transfer mechanism and the empty pallet de stacker.

In palletizing, the robot provides flexibility with different pack sizes and packing patterns.

The advantages of the H.G. Molenaar Robotic palletizer:
  • • Robust construction
  • • Low maintenance
  • • Customized layouts
  • • State of the art control systems.


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