Pace is a US brand that represents unrivalled quality. Its envious heritage includes the proven service of more than 4 000 machines in over 90 countries for food, beverage, household chemicals, pharmaceutical, and personal care manufacturers. And it has an impressive 30 000 square feet of manufacturing in New Jersey, in the US, to meet substantial demand for its products.

Among Pace’s many outstanding qualities is their design that does not require costly change parts for change over, which makes it popular particularly with dairy producers, hair care manufacturers, and pharmaceutical packers, among others, for their subsequent ability to switch from one product to another without reinvesting in costly change parts.

The small footprint of the Pace system provides efficient use of premium production space while still maintaining production efficiency. Pace, like HG Molenaar, insists on exceptional quality, which results in systems that provide reliable service for lengthy periods beyond the typical lifecycle of packaging machines.

Pace’s reliable, field-proven technologies are continuously being supplemented with innovative designs, such as the puck system for handling irregular bottle shapes typical to the personal care industry, lightweight bottle handling, and even a secondary bottle orienter.

Service with Distinction

HG Molenaar has been a family business since 1949. Our team in Packaging Equipment is the nucleus of a personal service to each and every customer. And that extends to the personal relationships we maintain with our suppliers.

We attend to customers with the expertise, care and attention necessary to make them the cardinal focus of continued service and operational support.

Consequently, the ethos behind our solutions is innovative design, robust quality, production efficiency, and tight-knit support. As a result we limit the extent of the principles that we represent. We choose to master our selected area of concern.

This is our elected strategy since it provides the opportunity to make substantial ongoing investments in skills and training. Our service personnel conduct extensive OEM training abroad. As part of that training, our technicians help to perform final assembly and setup on the systems at the manufacturer. That gives them in-depth exposure which lends them extremely high levels of skill on the specific equipment.