H.G. Molenaar has been supplying de-palletizers to both the local and international food and beverage industries since 1954.

Conventional de-palletizing

Glass bottles, glass jars, food or beverage cans are fed into a production line with a de-palletizer. The containers on pallets enter the de-palletizer hoist on heavy duty pallet roller conveyors. A four-point hoist ensures stable lifting of the container stack to ensure that the top layer of containers are perfectly aligned with the take-off accumulation conveyor.

A robust layer clamping and sweeping mechanism transfers the top layer onto an Intralox accumulation belt. From the accumulation conveyor the containers are conveyed in mass or single filed into the production line. Once the complete stack has been de-palletized, the empty pallet exits the machine on roller conveyors. Depending on the de-palletizing speed required, an automatic layer pad remover and empty pallet stacker can be added.

Robotic de-palletizing:

H.G. Molenaar also uses the latest robotic de-palletizing technology. The versatility of the 4-axis robot arms, in combination with highly effective gripper heads, provides for a low maintenance solution for de-palletizing.

Depending on the speed requirement, the gripper head can, in addition to transferring the container layer, also be used to transfer the layerpad and empty pallet. In other words it can replace the automatic layerpad transfer mechanism and the empty pallet de stacker.

Advantages of the HG Molenaar de-palletizer:
  • • Robust construction
  • • Low maintenance
  • • Customized layouts
  • • State of the art control systems.


Molenaar Magnetic De-Palletizer:

A magnetic de-palletizer Palletizer / De-Palletizer is utilized for de-palletizing full metal cans or glass jars with metal lids. The layer to be de-palletized is transferred from the pallet stack to an accumulation conveyor by means of a permanent magnet with stripper plate. From there the containers are single filed to be transferred typically to a labeller. Several customized layouts are possible with addition of automatic pallet conveyors, platforms and other functional options.