The passion for innovation, the business culture, the technological innovation and respect for traditional values imbue our Packaging Equipment relationship with Prasmatic with substantial rewards for you. They have invested in achieving the proper manufacturing standards, recognised worldwide, but it is their emphasis on service to us that ensures Packaging Equipment is confident of the solution we bring to your business.

We work closely with Prasmatic, which has recently become part of the Aetna Group, and the equipment subsequently rebranded Robopac. Prasmatic is the original standard in End Of Line shrink wrapping with continuous sleeve heat-shrink film, wrap-around case packers, tray packers, and combined lines.

We have close relations with the people at Prasmatic, which opened its doors in 1977. Our service technicians also have considerable experience and expertise in this equipment in light of the extended commercial heritage.

Prasmatic presents the unsurpassed global standard in End Of Line systems. Packaging Equipment by HG Molenaar supports these systems that embrace creative design for a wide range of applications, satisfying the various demands of customers in numerous sectors.

Prasmatic has a range of significant applications, because they are willingly flexible in how the solutions are installed. This flexibility allows the systems to more closely align with specific customer requirements and meet the needs of essential competitive capabilities.

Service with Distinction

HG Molenaar has been a family business since 1949. Our team in Packaging Equipment is the nucleus of a personal service to each and every customer. And that extends to the personal relationships we maintain with our suppliers.

We attend to customers with the expertise, care and attention necessary to make them the cardinal focus of continued service and operational support.

Consequently, the ethos behind our solutions is innovative design, robust quality, production efficiency, and tight-knit support. As a result we limit the extent of the principles that we represent. We choose to master our selected area of concern.

This is our elected strategy since it provides the opportunity to make substantial ongoing investments in skills and training. Our service personnel conduct extensive OEM training abroad. As part of that training, our technicians help to perform final assembly and setup on the systems at the manufacturer. That gives them in-depth exposure which lends them extremely high levels of skill on the specific equipment.