Packaging Equipment’s offering from Peco InspX means you can trust that your product has been inspected for quality, fill levels are correct, and product is free of contaminant.

Inspections are paramount in an industry increasingly regulated to inform and empower consumers. They remain a crucial element in ensuring production efficiency, waste reduction, as well as brand and reputation control. They leave little room for error.

Inspections at speed are run of the mill for Peco InspX. We are also confident in the rugged reliability of these proven systems that have developed over decades to meet the demanding needs of your most challenging operations. Peco InspX has been delivering the goods since 1955 and we have had them at our side for more than 30 years.

It is testament to the build quality of these systems that some of the equipment installed decades past still operates admirably today.

Challenging applications, such as cans, in which headspace or voids are a critical concern, must be handled quickly and accurately without interruption. Dropped flanges are another essential element only discoverable by X-ray. Contaminants must equally be recognised rapidly, accurately, and early, particularly in an era in which food safety is a global concern. These inspections can, crucially, be performed on applications for metal in metal, glass in glass, and stone in both of those type of containers.

Glass presents its own challenges, which Peco InspX unhesitatingly overcomes with its ability to determine the existence of contaminants even with variations in glass thickness. Contaminant discovery is incredibly advanced and we at Packaging Equipment are secure in the knowledge that Peco InspX exposes glass contaminants in glass containers for both food and beverage products at any speed.

Chief among the positive aspects of this equipment is its electronic nature that lends itself to online maintenance. Coupled to Packaging Equipment’s zest for unparalleled individual customer service means Peco InspX service technicians can be dealing with South African issues online within 15 minutes. Their technicians operate from the US, the UK, and Australia, which with our own footprint of dedicated experts ensures top-notch support for even 24/7 operations.

Packaging Equipment by HG Molenaar once more maintains tight personal relations with the extremely dynamic team out of the UK. We are comfortable that, with the approach to market, the technology, and the support, you have inspection solutions of the highest calibre from a constantly innovating organisation that originates in Silicon Valley.

Service with Distinction

HG Molenaar has been a family business since 1949. Our team in Packaging Equipment is the nucleus of a personal service to each and every customer. And that extends to the personal relationships we maintain with our suppliers.

We attend to customers with the expertise, care and attention necessary to make them the cardinal focus of continued service and operational support.

Consequently, the ethos behind our solutions is innovative design, robust quality, production efficiency, and tight-knit support. As a result we limit the extent of the principles that we represent. We choose to master our selected area of concern.

This is our elected strategy since it provides the opportunity to make substantial ongoing investments in skills and training. Our service personnel conduct extensive OEM training abroad. As part of that training, our technicians help to perform final assembly and setup on the systems at the manufacturer. That gives them in-depth exposure which lends them extremely high levels of skill on the specific equipment.