Our Service

HG Molenaar’s service team is staffed by proficient experts with decades of industry experience. Our qualified and certified service professionals have deep technical knowledge specifically nurtured to maintain your operations.

We maintain future support with a healthy influx of apprentices from our apprenticeship school in Paarl, Western Cape. In addition to the high qualification standards required for our apprentice programme, we maintain a good balance between theory and on the job, practical experience.

These technician candidates continue to train and undergo extensive local training under expert tutelage, as well as training abroad to the highest international standards, before we allow them to engage with customers under continued guidance.

Proactive Support

Our dedicated and dynamic customer services team has instituted a field monitoring and maintenance programme by which we track machines. The unique equipment identification system ensures that we consistently, regularly, and frequently monitor service and maintenance schedules of equipment. This proactive engagement ensures that you can benefit from improved maintenance outcomes that are scheduled with minimal unscheduled downtime. We track spare part items and service information to reflect an on-going record of the service and operational efficiency of equipment. We support customers and the service team by expediting the administration of the principal supplier’s OEM spares and change parts.

Local Expertise

Customer engagements include installing new equipment, maintenance, repairs, and operational support. You get direct, local expertise from professionals who can meet all of your technical requirements. These skilled expert technicians are applied to our customers’ facilities from the smallest to the largest to ensure consistent service standards across the board.

Training and Long-Term Knowledge Transfer

Our skilled service team also engages on an on-going basis with your personnel to train for immediate operations, as well as transfer knowledge and skills for long term benefits that maximise your investments. These activities ensure your operations maintain optimal efficiency.